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              Career development is a lifelong process that is unique for every individual.At INNCH, we make sure that every member has a clear career path, as we take you as the most valuable asset with no doubt. Our strength comes from your passion, profession, innovation, and creation. From your first day here, we provide a full set of featured program for your personal development in different stages and functional divisions. Itincludes internal skill improvement, team building, and outside professional training course. The training program covers every stage through your working life in INNCH.Once you’re with us, there’s no end of opportunities to develop your skills and see the world.We grow with you.


              Internal skill improvement

              For a new comer, it helps to instruct your main responsibility and role in the company. You get chance to improve your planning, communication, and business negotiation skills in a friendly and relaxing environment. Every day, you are refreshing by interesting information from your supervisors and colleagues.You learn how to deal with others, to think analytically, and to succeed. You find yourself grow mature very fast.


              Team building

              We plan team building program in different stages of your working. Initially, we assist new comer building rapport with other company members, eventually for a better team work in the future. Furthermore, it helps to dig up your potential and broaden your horizons.


              Outside training course

              We provide outside professional training to make our members more innovative, creative and competitive to others. All courses will be fit to your development in different stage of your work. We select the most suitable trainer among those professionals to bring your knowledge and wealth.


              Join Us
              Job Opportunities
              Career Development
              (+86-21) 6073 7200
              Room 516,Anlian Building
                Jingzhou Road 168
                Yangpu District,Shanghai.
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              Join Us
              Job Opportunities
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              Tel: (+86-21) 6073 7200
              Fax: (+86-21) 6176 8133
              Email: info@innchinc.com
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